D-Con 2017


Check out a selection of exclusive Mujuworld X D-CON releases below :

Muju Spirit Houses / Pre-release D-CON 2017 Edition

Muju Spirit Houses / Pre-release D-CON 2017 Edition

Muju Spirit House

These handcast and hand painted bio resin Muju Spirit Houses are inspired by the drawings of Mr Muju and our travels around the world.
The full release of this new collection of sculptures is set for 2018 through Kickstarter.
The super limited release of the Spirit Houses in this D-Con exclusive colourway have already sold out.  So keep an eye out for the next wave of Spirit Houses in the Kickstarter campaign this spring!


Magic Acorn Collector Sculpture

For the first time Miss Muju has combined handcast bio resin elements with original  sculpted environments & felt details, all encased in a glass bell jar display.
Featuring the Tree Spirit figure this is a one off collectible piece.


Mushroom Seeker Sculpture

This one off piece features a handmade felt bag, original sculpted mushroom and handcast bioresin Tree Spirit figure.
Encased in a glass bell jar display case, this sculpture was made by Miss Muju.

Muju Star Traveller / D-Con Special Edition Colourway
Miss Muju's Star Traveller sculpture gets a psychedelic spacesuit for D-Con.
Ltd Edition of 20 pieces - available to purchase here

We also have 2 exclusive Mujuworld enamel pin designs available here, limited edition of 50 pieces in each design.
Muju Cosmic Owl Pin / Rainbow Edition - $12
Muju Spirit Pin / Quartz Edition - $10